Sample Cylinder/Bag Auto Sampler




Unique self-developed software system can automatically run the sample sequence and start the gas chromatography, and also can save/select different analysis methods. One button run to reduce the human operation and errors.

Capacity of working with different gas chromatography (Agilent, PerkinElmer) for convenience.

It can deal with gas or liquid samples

Easy and quick connection with ¼” connector

Multi-line independent continuous analysis, no leak in connection, no sample interference or contamination

Steel cylinder has built-in filter to purify the sample, which is replaceable

The internal pipeline and components have been passivated and deactivated. Swagelok components ensure no leak from bag or ball connection and thus no interference or contamination among samples

It equips with high precision of pressure regulator valve and flow valve

The flow rate from sampler exit is set at 30ml/min

The steel cylinder is placed upright and connected from bottom; the cylinder is more stable

Every sampling starts after 30s sample blowing

  • Advanced software can simultaneously run two analyzers doing the analysis automatically in proper sequence
  • Run gas or liquid samples
  • Passivated and deactivated piping system prevents the adsorption of trace sample
  • Inert gas blowing function, to ensure the purification of the injection system, to avoid the sample interference in the pipeline
  • Capacity of working with different gas chromatography (Agilent, PerkinElmer)

Processing sample cylinders of 3, bags of 9


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