EIE-AHSD-01 Auto Hydrogen Sulfide Tester





  • SNT 2943-2011, SHT 0231-1992
  • Improving accuracy and repeatability
  • Reducing human interaction
  • The instrument can connect airbags and cylinder samples
  • Choosing different combinations of high, medium, and low
  • The built-in inert gas purge function ensures cleanliness.

The auto hydrogen sulfide tester developed by Canada Etech International Enterprises Inc. (EIE) replaces manual operation since the sampling rate of manual sampling is unstable. The traditional hydrogen sulfide detection tube has low accuracy. And the human observes the scale to read the value causes a relatively large error. In terms of efficiency, manual work can only make one sample at a time, which is inefficient.

The measurement accuracy of the existing manual operation equipment is within ±15%, and our instrument can test samples which three different contents: high, medium, and low. The accuracy reaches the ppm-level. Just insert the sample taken into the corresponding inlet, and the software will start the sequence and then automatically complete the measurement of multiple samples. It dramatically improves work efficiency and reduces the contact between samples and people. Moreover, it protects the operator's health. The accuracy and the repeatability of the analysis are improved as well.


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