EIE-FP170-3P Automatic Abel Flash Point Tester




The Automatic Abel Flash Point Tester, developed by Canada Etech International Enterprises Inc. (EIE), uses the most advanced international design concepts and test methods in the world, which improves the automation degree of the flash point tester, guarantees the measurement accuracy, and minimized the adverse consequences caused by operator errors.

Under the specified testing conditions, the test flame will ignite the sample vapour and spread to the liquid's surface, where the lowest temperature can be achieved and corrected under the atmospheric press of 101.3 kPa. The flash point is a safety index and volatility index of flammable liquids, which is of great significance to its production, transportation, storage and use.

This tester applies to the closed cup flash point measurement of liquids specified in ISO 13736 and IP 170. Operated in strict accordance with the standard test procedures, it can fully meet the accuracy requirements. The tester can be widely used in petroleum, electric power, railway, aviation, water carriage, scientific research and other industries.

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