EIE-RG-22 C9 C10 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Gas Chromatography Analyzer





The EIE-RG-22 C9 C10 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Gas Chromatography Analyzer, developed by Canada Etech International Enterprises Inc. (EIE), is composed of an oven, a sampling system, a detection system, AFC gas control system, an autosampler, and workstation/data processing software. The analyzer is dedicated to determining the composition of aromatics in reformed raw materials, reformed gasoline, straight-run gasoline, naphtha, and aromatics separated fractions with a distillation range of less than 210°C.

Technical Features

The analyzer is based on chromatographic column-switching technology to analyze C9 C10 aromatic hydrocarbons and their mixed fractions. After the sampling, under the time program's control, the sample groups are separated by different chromatographic columns and switching valves. After the FID detector outputs the corresponding component signal, the workstation processes the signal and calculates it by the normalization method to obtain the single-component content of C9 C10 aromatic hydrocarbon.


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